Emergency Medical Services

Increase in Cash Flow

By having a knowledgeable Coding department; DMMS allows your business to effectively increase their cash flow by accurate coding and having an outstanding claims department that works on your behalf to collect as much money as possible.

Working the front end of your ambulance charges and doing our due diligence on the backend.

ICD-Trained Certified Coders

The adoption of ICD-10 has the potential to affect EMS finances to a greater extent than many of the recent HIPAA transitions. It is critical for practice professionals to identify areas of concern well in advance of the October 1, 2014 compliance date and plan accordingly.

EMS Staff Training
Appropriate training for clinical and administrative staff is an important aspect of ICD-10 documentation training classes.

DMMS can partner with you to provide an affordable way for you to move forward with ICD-10.

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Keith Bowman
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Delaware Medical Management Services, LLC (DMMS) serves Emergency Medical Service organizations throughout the United States with ALS and BLS billing, management consulting, and accounting.

Outstanding Claims Department

Outstanding Claims Department

DMMS has the best trained Claims department a company can offer. Our employees have years of experienced in working with insurance companies and payers to make sure that all avenues of Accounts Receivable is completed. We believe that working your A/R; is working our A/R.

Real Time Reporting

Revenue Cycle Analysis Reporting

DMMS can provide the most relevant updated reporting for your business. We can customize reports that will allow you as a decision maker to make informed decisions on your business.

Having the ability to access accurate and real time data can make your business a success

EMS Document Training Courses

DMMS has staff personnel that are certified EMT's. Our certified EMT staff will train your EMT's in documentation courses. It is a vital element to have a trained and hippa compliant staff. Our DMMS instructors have 20 plus years in the Ambulance business.

EMS Consulting

Delaware Medical Management Services, LLC (DMMS) is a healthcare management service organization serving providers throughout the United States

  • Setting up a new EMS company

  • Quality Improvement plans

  • Quality Assurance processes

  • PCR and form development

  • Fee schedule analysis

  • Purchasing contracts

  • HIPAA and compliance audits

  • Analyze and negotiate insurance contracts

EMS Accounting and Financial Management

Delaware Medical Management Services, LLC (DMMS) is a healthcare management service organization serving providers throughout the United States.

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll

  • Financial statements

  • Cost accounting

  • Budgeting

Caring For Your Business

  • Billing and Collections

  • Quality Improvement Reporting

  • Accounting and Financial Management

  • Training & Consulting

  • Free Documentation & HIPAA Training

"DMMS billing has certainly lived up to their promises and have exceeded our expectations. Whenever we have a question, we get a prompt answer."

We work with our clients as we do with our