Physician Services

Increase in Cash Flow

Excellent Business Startup Assistance

By having a knowledgeable Coding department; DMMS allows your business to effectively increase their cash flow by accurate coding and having an outstanding claims department that works on your behalf to collect as much money as possible.

Working the front end of your ambulance charges and doing our due diligence on the backend.

Billing and Collections

No one collects more money than the DMMS billers and collectors

DMMS ensures clean claims that are submitted electronically to your payors. We monitor your payments and quickly contact the payor when the payor underpays or doesn't pay on time. We've learned that constant communication with your payors ensures you receive not only the easy payments but all the payments to which you are entitled.

With your approval, we can pursue patient payments to the full limit of the law through our collection agency. You will have the ability to prevent any patient you choose from being sent to collections. And the increased cost of collections is borne by the patient, not by you!

Are you certain you are billing for everything you do? Our certified coders are here to answer your questions, and can even provide training or chart audits to meet compliance program requirements.

ICD-Trained Certified Coders

Preparing for ICD-10

The adoption of ICD-10 has the potential to affect physician practice finances to a greater extent than many of the recent HIPAA transitions. It is critical for practice professionals to identify areas of concern well in advance of the October 1, 2014 compliance date and plan accordingly.

The following are just a few areas of concern: Physician freed to practice medicine. Software and technical support: ICD-10 codes need to be generated as part of the practice's revenue cycle. As a result, the practice management system (PMS) and/or billing system software will need to be upgraded or replaced.

Staff training: Appropriate training for clinical and administrative staff is an important aspect of ICD-10.

Superbill redesign: Many clinicians rely heavily on superbills for diagnosis code assignments. These are typically one-page documents that are preprinted with the most common diagnosis codes. In most cases, these superbills will need to be redesigned to accommodate the increased number of codes associated with ICD-10.

DMMS can partner with you to provide an affordable way for you to move forward with ICD-10.

For more information, complete our online form or please contact

Cheri Cummings
302-283-3300 ext 1207.

Claims Department

DMMS will work tremendously hard on your Accounts Receivable. Our trained staff looks for resolution when it comes to insurances denying. We work on your account like it is our own money.

Consulting and Contract Negotiation Services

Experienced Negotiation Team

DMMS' team of experienced negotiators can complete applications for Medicare and all third party payors. We can negotiate the terms of the agreements as well as the reimbursements.

DMMS can also observe your operations, both clinical and administrative, and advise you on improvements.

Real Time Reporting

Revenue Cycle Analysis Reporting

DMMS can provide the most relevant updated reporting for your business. We can customize reports that will allow you as a decision maker to make informed decisions on your business.

Having the ability to access accurate and real time data can make your business a success

Accounting and Financial Management

Superior Accounting & Bookkeeping Staff

DMMS provides full financial management by handling:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll

  • Financial Standards

  • Tax preparation

Management and Clinical Software

State of the Art Medical Practice Management & Clinical Software

DMMS utilizes state of the art Medical Practice Management Software and Electronic Health Records. Our billing clients can make use of as much or as little of this innovative software as they choose-up to and including being paperless!

Physicians using our EHR choose their preferred method for record creation-from templates, dictation, transcription, or handwriting.

The patient records are fully integrated with a Scheduler, Check In / Out, Reminders, My Tasks, and many other modules to allow seamless information flow throughout the office.

Training for Office Staff and Personel

DMMS will send an onsite representative to your location to train your office staff and personnel on computer based systems and integration of billing software.

Caring For Your Business

  • Medical Billing and Coding

  • Quality Improvement Reporting

  • Accounting and Financial Management

  • Training & Consulting

  • Free Documentation & HIPAA Training

"DMMS billing has certainly lived up to their promises and have exceeded our expectations. Whenever we have a question, we get a prompt answer."

Customized solutions to
practice management issues

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